Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Can I fully explain what this name means and how powerful it truly is?

This is a name that belongs to a man who is powerful beyond words and imigination. He is a man who feeds the hungrey, takes care of the sick, shelters the homeless, is hope for the hopeless, a mother for the motherless, lost little girls and boys and fathers for the lost, anger young men.

He is everything you can ever imagine someone being.

BUT... what he is to me is my hope, encourger, best friend, father, ear to listen, doctor, teacher, shelter, comforter and everything I need him to be.

To know this man is to love him to trust him is to try him, I call on him no matter the time and when I do a chill runs through my body. A chill straight to my soul.

When Im sad and loney I don't need friends to comfort me all I need to do is kneel down and bow before him and he hears me, rocks me, cires with me. I'll never be alone as long as I have him. Can you understand my love and admiration for this powerful man.

He is my way maker when I feel I can't go on or that what I dream to accomplish in life is too far fetched he reminds me ever so sweetly that he's the one who made me and planted that gift inside of me and he knows I can do it because he has already spoke it into existence and therefore it shall be.

How can you not want to know someone who loves you beyond reason and fault?

Being in love with Jesus is a beautiful feeling, he's my everything, anything and things I need him to be, but I know he'll be it and do it proudly.

So, when people critize me and try to break my spirit I remember that they are not who made me and therefore their comments won't break me

Jesus reigns victorious and know that forever and always, I'll be his. He's my God, my mother, father, and everything else.

But...above all he's Jesus all by himself and he's alive and is willing and capable to set aside all your probelms as long as you place him above all.

By: Aunnika Hilton

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My poetry tells a story of my journey through life, thus far. My stories have no limitations and ranges from my inspirations to my desperations.

So...... tell me, what does your poetry tell a story of ?

Monday, March 17, 2008